Kpep, Cameroon

Joule Africa has been developing the extensive hydroelectric power potential of the Katsina Ala river basin in the northwest region of Cameroon since 2012. The area around the Katsina Ala river is among the least developed in the country, however, the region’s mountainous topography and significant river network make it well suited to hydropower development. Joule Africa has the exclusive development rights to develop a hydropower cascade, granted Government of Cameroon, and has been actively developing the Kpep site.

Kpep is a 283 MW storage hydropower project, optimised to deliver firm power. It will connect to the southern international grid and sell power to the partially state-owned utility, Eneo. The Project has been identified as a priority power project for the country by the Government of Cameroon and will ensure that Cameroon’s growing demand for electricity will be supplied from renewable energy sources at a sustainable cost.

Joule Africa has completed the first stage of feasibility studies and environmental and social scoping report and has established the principles for a commercial framework with Eneo and the Government of Cameroon. Joule Africa is developing the Project in partnership with its Chinese partner, WIETC, which holds a 20% stake.